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Rosenius om nattvarden

Du fruktar för att komma till Herrens bord, eftersom du vet med dig själv att ditt dagliga liv är så fullt av brist. Du är inte sådan som en riktig kristen borde vara. Det är betänkliga svaghetstecken i din tro … Läs mer

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Citat: Johannes Paulus II

”While it must be recognized that women have the same right as men to perform various public functions, society must be structured in such a way that wives and mothers are not in practice compelled to work outside the home, … Läs mer

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Citat: Reagan

”A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.” Ronald Reagan; 1 mars 1975, 2nd Annual CPAC Convention

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Citat: Moder Teresa

”Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching the people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” Moder Teresa vid den nationella bönefrukosten … Läs mer

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Citat: Adrian Plass

”Boredom: largely unaknowledged feature of church life. Worth bearing in mind that Jesus left people angry, puzzled, elated, entertained, fed, disgusted and overjoyed but, as far as we know, never bored.” Adrian Plass, ur Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation – An … Läs mer

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Citat: Melanie Phillips

”Sex in Britain is now seen as little more than a recreational sport.” Melanie Phillips, ur The Sex-change Society: Feminised Britain and the Neutered Male

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Citat: Bach

”Ach mein herzliebes Jesulein, Mach dir ein rein sanft Bettelein, Zu ruhn in meines Herzens Schrein, Dass ich nimmer vergesse dein!”  ur Juloratoriet av Johann Sebastian Bach

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Citat: Öst

”Om du faller efter vägen, det ju mänskligt är Res dig upp, ty ordet säger, det gudomligt är Om du faller en gång till, Res dig upp, ligg aldrig still! Gud av nåd dig hjälpa vill Sjung halleluja!” Calle Öst, … Läs mer

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Citat: Popper

”If we ignore what other people are thinking, or have thought in the past, then rational discussion must come to an end, though each of us may go on happily talking to himself. Some philosophers have made a virtue of … Läs mer

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